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Blog + News

Sharing our knowledge and experiences

Should you use a Hanging Sign?

Most shows allow you to use a hanging sign for exhibit booths 20′ x 20′ and larger. It is beneficial as it makes it easier for people to find you amidst hundreds of booths across the convention hall, also it gives your booth more presence

Displaying a car in your booth

Ever thought about displaying an unique vehicle in your booth to grab people’s attention? Depends on the show’s rules & regulation, some shows allow it, some don’t. *International Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas doesn’t charge you a fee for you to have a car on display. All

Should you rent or buy an Exhibit?

First, what is involved in owning an exhibit booth? You need to store it while it’s not in use, Either in your own warehouse or in a remote storage facility preferably near the city of your show. It may be a good solution if you attend 3+ shows per year and

Applying graphic

Avoid applying vinyl graphic at the show site unless you absolutely have no choice, or it’s something small and simple.   Applying vinyl graphic at show site is very risky. Without a proper work table means it had to be done on the floor. Such dusty environment means it’s prone to