Should you use a Hanging Sign?
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Should you use a Hanging Sign?

Should you use a Hanging Sign?

Most shows allow you to use a hanging sign for exhibit booths 20′ x 20′ and larger. It is beneficial as it makes it easier for people to find you amidst hundreds of booths across the convention hall, also it gives your booth more presence as you are using the vertical spaces as well.

Take advantage of the Full-Cubic Content by adding a hanging sign to your exhibit. Not only it helps your customers to find you, it creates a visual presence that gives your exhibit booth a grander stance.


Hanging sign can only be assembled and disassembled by show designated sign installers. It needs to have engineer approved drawings most sign makers do offer. Exhibitor will be charged for amount of time it takes for ground crew to assemble the sign, and for a rig operator to attach it to the hall ceiling. Typically it costs around $2,000 to hanging a single hanging sign. Additional anchor points are needed to keep the sign from spinning.

It is advised to ship hanging sign structure along with its graphic separately from rest of your exhibit materials to advance warehouse. It is easier to work with the sign when the show floor is relatively empty without having to maneuver around other’s booths, crates and materials that are in the way.

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