Should you rent or buy an Exhibit?
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Should you rent or buy an Exhibit?

Should you rent or buy an Exhibit?

First, what is involved in owning an exhibit booth? You need to store it while it’s not in use,
Either in your own warehouse or in a remote storage facility preferably near the city of your show.
It may be a good solution if you attend 3+ shows per year and always in the same configuration.

With certain fast paced industries where attendees almost expects to see a fresh look every show, renting offers more flexibility.


It could be challenging logistically if the list of shows that you attend uses booth in varying configurations and on back to back show dates or at the same time. For example, if you use a 10×30 in one show, 20×20 the next and 20×30 in another, materials needs be sorted and packed specifically for each show. It doesn’t make sense to ship a 20×30 to a 10×30 show. Un-used carpet, padding and panels are still charged for drayage as well as labor incurred to sort it out.

Every show may require its unique marketing strategy. The newly printed graphic needs be shipped to the show site separately or carried in by hand.

Exhibit materials are prone to damage during transit. Repair of exhibit materials are expected one time or another. Owning your own exhibit means you will have to take care of such incidents.

Every show has its own exhibit booth Rules & Regulations. The project manager needs to make sure the booth on hand meets those criteria.


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