Swagtron+Livall @ Interbike 2017
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Swagtron+Livall @ Interbike 2017

Swagtron+Livall @ Interbike 2017

Here is another sample of our custom designed rental exhibit. Based on client’s specific needs, our design team presented a series of renderings showing how the finished booth would look like. The difference between mock up rendering and actual exhibit is spot on.

 Swagtron and Livall co-exhibited at Interbike 2017 with a shared 20’ x 30’ peninsula space. We fully utilized this space by setting up the back wall around rear perimeter while leaving front aisles completely opened to main traffic.

 Completed with a rotating hanging sign, this booth effectively attracted much visual attention of attendees.

 Location: Mandalay Bay Convention Center, Las Vegas, NV.

Industry: Bicycle

Size: 20’ x 30’


April 15, 2019


20x20 – 30x30